Thursday, August 05, 2010

Block #4 Finished

I have finally finished the fourth block of Hocuspocusville.  At the rate I am going I will have this completed by the time I have grandchildren. In my defence, I generally only work on this while my boys are at practice.  I started over a year ago and so am now on my second season of football.  I do not always work on them as the need to actually be social with the other moms does take precedence.  My favorite practice to work on them has been hockey, but that is only once a week.  I now need to get the next one traced and get to work. 

I still have to run to the LQS to pick up my Bella Solid for the sashing of my moms service project.  That looks like it will have to wait until tomorrow as I have been left with a truck that needs new brakes today.  I did finish the four patched to go around the outside - I think it will look nice.  Once I get it together I will share a picture of the top.

Off to be somewhat productive.

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