Monday, October 04, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Checkerboard Pumpkin Tabletopper
I have done what I told myself I was not going to do.  I wanted to finish up the D4P before starting something new.  I think the saying is "promises are made to be broken" - looks like I am doing pretty well with that, wouldn't you say?  All I have left is getting this quilt sandwiched and then hand quilt it up.  I was going to do it on the machine, but I have decided to use a big stitch on the diagonal in the center and add a leaf border with a back stitch  in the borders.

I still am working (very slowly I might add) on my SIL's quilt.  I love the panto that is being used - Plumage by Willow Leaf Studio. 
Christine's Six Patch with Plumage
This week is going to be a busy one. We shall see what I am able to accomplish.  Wish me luck.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Design Wall Monday

 My actual design wall looks exactly the same as it did last week.  But, I do have an excuse.  I was reminded of a kit I purchased last fall and needed to get busy on it.
The picture is not the best - actual colors are a bit darker (mainly the brown border).  It will be a table topper when finished. I need to finish up the the stitching before quilting it up.  I also have a quilt on the machine that needs quilting before I get this one on. 

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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Finish and a Winner!

 It is a small finish but a finish nonetheless.  I finally finished up the fifth block of Hocuspocusville.  Now on to the sixth.

 Now for the winner.  I put all the names into a bowl and my husband got to pick one out.  Not bad odds when there are only four of you.  But as my husband would say - you have a 50/50 chance, either you win or you lose. 
  The lucky girl is Wonky Girl.  I will send the extra charms out as soon as I get your address.  I also want to send a little something out to the rest, so if you send your name and address to me at richelle _ robinson @ hotmail . com (take the spaces out).  I will get something out to you too.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Mine will be filled with football games starting tonight at SMU.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Something

I am very fortunate to live in the Dallas area where United Notions/Moda is located.  I head over to their warehouse one or two times a year and stock up on different things.  I did something I will never do again - I thought it would be good to purchase a set of charm packs.  Why I thought that I will never know.  I think there were 24 sets of charm packs in the stack.  And I am pretty sure they reproduce while I'm not looking.  The D4P is the third quilt to be made from them and I still have them coming out my ears.  Never again will I purchase a whole set of charm packs!

I will be giving away these left overs to a lucky someone.  There are not too many lights left, nor are there any reds left.  Can you guess what my favorite color is?  This is a very blue charm pack.  In total it is probably equals about 2 - 2 1/2 charm packs.

If you are interested just leave a message and I will have the drawing Friday.  And your chances should pretty good for this small little blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Half way there!  I don't know that I can continue to post on my weekly progress on this quilt - it is quite monotonous. I figured out yesterday that I have another twenty four blocks to go.  They are all made up into the four patches just waiting to be cut and re sewn.

I am still working on the fifth block of the Hocuspocusville stitchery.  We have not had hockey practice lately and that is where I get the majority of my stitching done.

We did have a great day in football yesterday.  My middle boy's football won a hard fought game in overtime. Final score was 13-7.  They barely made it when the receiver dropped the ball - fortunately, it bounced right back up into his hands.  To top off all the excitement, Paul was named defensive player of the game.  The excitement of little league games is just too much for me sometimes.  I just love it!

For anyone who may be interested I will have a little giveaway tomorrow on the all of the extra charms that I will not be using.  Stop back by if you are interested.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I have been able to get a few more blocks done within the last couple of weeks.

I have also been able to quilt up a quilt for my SIL, her Tisket-a-Tasket made with Bunny Hill Designs free BOM pattern from last year.

Mom's D9P

And finally I was able to finish up the binding on the quilt for my mom and get that sent off to her.

All is moving along.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Ever so slightly bigger.  This week will be spent mostly on stitching on the Hocuspocusville block as I have too many appointments with the boys.  Hopefully I will have time to sit at my machine and work on a few more of the D4P blocks.

 Last week was a bit chaotic being the first week back to school.  We had a few problems with my oldest at the middle school.  He has aspergers and it has proven to be quite difficult to make it to the bus in the afternoons.  We will see how this week turns out and I just might be having to make the drive each afternoon to pick him up.