Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day, the Pinewood Derby & Oddities

Yesterday was Valentines and it was a wonderful day! Of course Dan may not think it was a wonderful day. After spending some quality time at the doctors office he is now laid up, not feeling well. But, he will feel better, won't he!?! Maybe in a couple years I can tell you all about my Valentines gift ;)

Last night was also the Pinewood Derby for two of my boys. Jamie's last and Paul's first. Paul was so excited - every race he came in second. He didn't receive second place though - it is hard to understand that when others keep coming in first that they will be ahead of him. He is such a good sport and was genuinely happy for the scouts that did place. Paul was even happier to see his older brother come in first in his den and third overall. I love being a part of the Cub Scouts - the boys are enthusiastic and so enjoyable. There is so much to learn from kids!

On a side note - I just realized how odd I really am, as I sit here snacking on Good & Plenty's and notice that I have to pair them up (one pink with one white) and eat the odd ones first before starting on the pairs. Maybe my SIL is right, I am OCD. Oh well!

On the quilting front I am working on a simple Bonnie Blue pattern and just need to get the rows stitched together and then find a good border fabric. This weekend should be perfect for staying in and quilting. Lets see if my family thinks so also.

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