Friday, February 22, 2008

Blocks, Bread & Boys!

Just call me Suzy. I actually made homemade wheat bread today. I have not done that in quite awhile. My oldest thinks I make the best bread in the world, I suppose I should make it more often just to hear his praises. Makes up for the fact that he got into a little trouble this week at school.

Today I also decided to join many other bloggers out there that are working on the Civil War Diary Quilt blocks. I think it all started with Kathie and a few of her friends. I have wanted to work on this quilt for some time and this was the push I needed. I am now patiently waiting for the Civil War Love Letters Quilt book to arrive in my mail box.

Boys are so full of mischief. Here I sit writing out my blog post and I hear a noise that resembles a huge jet taking off. Looking out the window my youngest and two of his pals are taking turns getting inside the now empty trash bin and rolling down the driveway until it can go no further and tips over. They are overjoyed in their fun little game. Of course I have to spoil the fun and let them know that they really shouldn't be playing such a dirty and potentially dangerous game. I suppose I would have done the same at his age - although we didn't have trash pick-up when I was his age (or ever). We went to the dump, which was an experience all in itself.

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