Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Art of Organization

Many moons ago, before children, I was a very organized person. Everything had its place and I was on top of everything going on in my personal and professional life. This just isn't so anymore. I am so far from being organized. Oh, I try and sometimes think that I have everything under control, but that is all a facade. Well, this weekend I decided to at least work on one area of my life....the scrap bin. It was overflowing and so jam packed you couldn't find anything in there. I purchased a new three drawer cart to help out. I went through all the scraps and sorted by color and size. The larger pieces stayed in the large bin. The smaller pieces, sorted by color, went into the new drawers. And the leftover orphan blocks, bits of bindings and any other piece with a seam went into it's own bin.
Oh, I could have been a little more organized and cut up the scraps into different strips and so forth - but I am taking baby steps here.

A couple of weeks ago Moda (United Notions) had their annual sale. My SIL came up to visit and hit the sale with me. The UN warehouse is just so big it is hard to take everything in while there. We purchased several bolts of fabric (some as low as $1.50/ yd), books, doodads, and what I thought was Mary Ellen's Best Press. I love that stuff - your blocks are so nice and straight after using! Well, turns out I have a hard time reading and bought a case of Mary Ellen's Linen Water. Nice stuff, but not what I wanted. Next time I must read labels a little better.

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Christine said...

Wow! This looks like a Fabric store. You must be so proud of all your bolts. I think that I only have like 3 or 4.