Thursday, September 06, 2007

Football & Labor Day

This past Saturday football season officially began. Paul had his first game against the Broncos. The Longhorns won (26-0)! Paul's game was a little off, on Sunday he was having some serious asthma problems, so I am guessing he just wasn't feeling up to snuff. He had a great tackle though, he just has no fear when it comes to his body. He is definitely our little sportsman.

Labor day we started the day at IHOP with a couple of the cousins. Then we hit the movie Underdog. The kids all loved it - personally I think that I could have waited until it was out on dvd or just passed on it completely. After lunch and a birthday party we headed home from Houston. On the quilting front I am still working on my Acorn blocks at football practices. I should have the second completed soon and will share a picture. I also have a quilt ready to load, I just need to find the time to do it. Today is cleaning - yuk!

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Emily R said...

looks fun! gotta love football! wish we could have gone to houston too!
ps how did the boat/jetskis break?