Monday, September 10, 2007

Another Weekend Gone

Another weekend gone. It seems that time just goes by so fast these days...I wish it would slow down. This weekend we had two football games - Paul's team won 34-0. My littlest, Kody, had his first football game (flag). His league is very kid friendly, they do not keep score this first year and the ref was incredible. Kody thought the ref was the coolest, he would call the kids by name and high five them for every thing they did. Even though Kody and Paul are only one year apart in school, that 16 months is a world of difference. Of course their personalities are very different also. Maybe I have just babied Kody too much since I knew he was our last. Anyway, I love to watch the boys games!

This weekend I started on the quilting for Paul's Dash to the Finish quilt. I am using the baptist fan template. I love that thing! I just think that the baptist fan looks great on just about every traditional style quilt. It is raining here today, so maybe I can finish it up before the boys come home from school. I still have most everything on my goals list to complete, so I need to get busy. The website goal will most likely not be done by the end of the month - let's just say that the learning curve seems to be a little steep for me:*)

Kody listening intently to the ref.
Dash to the Finish loaded on the longarm.

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