Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Done, but not Done Done

Yesterday I was able to finish up the quilting on Paul's quilt - Dash to the Finish. I started this quilt over four years ago and I am finally finishing it up. The pattern was used by the Northern Colorado shop hop as a mystery quilt. I didn't participate in the shop hop, but before I moved to Texas I visited Inspirations Quilt Shop in Fort Morgan, and there hung this quilt. I just had to buy the fat quarter pack and pattern. Now four years later it is finished...I like it, but it seems that the love for it has worn off. Today I hope to get the binding made for it and stitched onto the front...then all I need is a few hours of t.v. or football practice and it will be done done.

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Emily R said...

that is always how it is for me (not that i quilt) with certain projects... as soon as i finish them, i seem to lose a bit of my interest for it... like, i wasted all that time for this? (i.e. beating a video game or reading a stupid book or ...)