Saturday, September 15, 2007

Acorns, Football and My Fetish

I finished my second embroidered block for the Acorns to Oaks quilt. Now I know I will have to redo the first - I switched to using one strand of floss and I think my stitches are looking better. I would have a picture but my camera is all packed up ready to be sent into the factory to be fixed. For some reason the display (lcd or led?) has quit working properly. I have started started my 3rd block and hope to be done with that this next week.

Paul and Kody had football games this morning. Paul's team won again today (18-0) but they had a lot of struggles to do so. For whatever reason they just could not get any good snaps - so there were a lot of fumbles, fortunately, the other team seem to be having the same problem. Moving up from flag to tackle has been a big change for these boys, but they are learning. Paul was lineman of the game! Woohoo! I missed much of Kody's game since Dan and I had to split up to get the boys to there games. Kody is so much like me. It is hard for him to stay focused on the game for an entire hour and sorta loses interest. I can certainly relate. But at least he enjoys talking about his game.

I have a problem. I love scissors. Now, do I need to buy anymore scissors? Heck no! I have more than enough. Someday I will lay them out and take a picture. Today I took my coupons to Joann's to see what I might use them on. Well, I needed a new blue marking pen - check, I saw that they had the Mary Ellen's Fresh Press - check, wander the aisles and next thing you know I have a new pair of Ginghers in my hand. I love these scissors. The feeling of them when you open and close them is unbelievable, I just love it! If you don't have a pair, you must get yourself some. Scissor love!

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Emily R said...

you are funny! i have 1 pair of scissors for fabric, and 1 pair for paper - and i think i have a couple other pairs the kids brought home from school....

yay for football. cant wait to see pics!