Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anything but Hot & Sunny!

Growing up in Alaska was wonderful. I loved this time of year. The leaves are changing (or have already changed), the days are cool and crisp, and daylight is getting shorter and shorter, it was just wonderful. I remember walking to the bus stop down the dirt road and in the mornings the puddles would be frozen. Just a thin layer of ice with nothing but air underneath. We would run to see who could break the most puddles before getting to the bus stop. We knew winter would be coming soon and couldn't wait. There were always fun things to do in the winter - ice skating, snowmachining (snowmobiling, for those not from Alaska), and laying down on the soft floor in front of the wood stove. I just love those short days and long nights. I love gloomy, cloudy, wet days - lets face it Alaska has a lot of those also. But, here I sit in Allen, Texas and it is just another hot and sunny day. Yesterday I was getting all excited because there was a chance of rain and it was actually starting to get dark from the clouds - but no luck - the clouds parted and the sun was right back out in full force. I want dark and dreary! I need dark and dreary and cool would be wonderful too! Is that too much for a girl to ask. (the above photo is of Pioneer Peak - taken about 2 weeks ago - by Robert DeBerry )

On the quilting front - I just want to work on something I don't have to think about. I think I am going to cut some random strips today from my scraps and make up some nine patches. I love nine patches. Someday when I have my camera back I will share photos of my work.

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Emily R said...

i just dont understand it. dark and dreary is a bit too depressing!!! although we dont get pretty seasons here, i will keep it, cause i just couldnt do dark and such a short day....