Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Something

I am very fortunate to live in the Dallas area where United Notions/Moda is located.  I head over to their warehouse one or two times a year and stock up on different things.  I did something I will never do again - I thought it would be good to purchase a set of charm packs.  Why I thought that I will never know.  I think there were 24 sets of charm packs in the stack.  And I am pretty sure they reproduce while I'm not looking.  The D4P is the third quilt to be made from them and I still have them coming out my ears.  Never again will I purchase a whole set of charm packs!

I will be giving away these left overs to a lucky someone.  There are not too many lights left, nor are there any reds left.  Can you guess what my favorite color is?  This is a very blue charm pack.  In total it is probably equals about 2 - 2 1/2 charm packs.

If you are interested just leave a message and I will have the drawing Friday.  And your chances should pretty good for this small little blog. Thanks for stopping by!


Charlene S said...

I think that scraps and small cuts of fabric reproduce when we are not in the room which is why there is always so much of it even when we are using it up.

Diane said...

Richelle it is so good that YOU live close to the Moda warehouse and not ME!!
I would be in so much trouble. How do you limit yourself to a couple times a year?? Well, perhaps they're only open to the public a couple times a year. Regardless, you have amazing will power.
Me thinks the fabric is multiplying 'illegally' in the stash :)

Jill said...

oh I wish I lived close to them. How exciting. I think the quilt top looks great. Thanks for sharing!

Wonky Girl said...

Oh how lucky to live close to a fabric shop like That !!! Please put me in your drawing.
Found your blog at the AboutQuilting forum- it's me, aka Foofinster.