Monday, September 20, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Half way there!  I don't know that I can continue to post on my weekly progress on this quilt - it is quite monotonous. I figured out yesterday that I have another twenty four blocks to go.  They are all made up into the four patches just waiting to be cut and re sewn.

I am still working on the fifth block of the Hocuspocusville stitchery.  We have not had hockey practice lately and that is where I get the majority of my stitching done.

We did have a great day in football yesterday.  My middle boy's football won a hard fought game in overtime. Final score was 13-7.  They barely made it when the receiver dropped the ball - fortunately, it bounced right back up into his hands.  To top off all the excitement, Paul was named defensive player of the game.  The excitement of little league games is just too much for me sometimes.  I just love it!

For anyone who may be interested I will have a little giveaway tomorrow on the all of the extra charms that I will not be using.  Stop back by if you are interested.


Diane said...

Your post made me smile remembering my kids 'sports' days. It is so exciting! I miss the events, my kids ran cross country and track-but not living in my van for the season :)
My one son also played football and wrestled. Amazingly I really liked the wrestling matches-talk about intensity!
I like seeing your weekly progress, not monontonous to me at all.

Chris said...

Tedious but fabulous!!
I love football season!

Mary said...

You can keep showing the same project as far as I'm concerned, I think it's beautiful.

Gari said...

I made a baby quilt using those blocks and although I think they look great, they are tedious. Your's look great and it will be a beautiful quilt, someday. ;-)