Friday, August 13, 2010

Week in Review

It is nice to have accomplished a few things on the quilting front.  I have been able to finish up a quilt for a customer and load the DNP quilt for my mom.  I have it half way completed  and then I will just need to get it bound and sent on its merry way. Here you can see the panto I decided on.  It is Plumage by Willow Leaf Studios.

I have also been working on getting the four patched sewn up to make into the Disappearing four patches.  I really like the way the block are turning out.  I have gotten a few more into DFP blocks.  I am excited for this quilt.

I am not sure I will get much done today.  Have to tackle a 9 year olds bedroom with said nine year old as it is just too overwhelming for him to even start.  Maybe he will learn not to make such a big mess and pick up after himself.  I definitely will not be holding my breath on that, but one can always dream.  My oldest will be heading to a Boy Scout camp-out tonight, so I need to help him get ready and make sure he gets everything packed up that he needs.  We have a busy weekend with a football team garage sale, a football scrimmage and hockey practice.  Life with my boys is never dull, just very tiring!

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