Saturday, August 18, 2007

Model Child

I have 3 boys and each has such a different personality. My middle son, Paul, is so funny. Not in the haha sense but, you know, just the things I see him doing. This weekend is tax free shopping for all the going back to school things one might need. I headed out with my boys yesterday to get some new clothes. My oldest could honestly care less what I purchase for him and is fine with me laying out clothes for him each morning. My youngest is a little more into clothes, but not too much. Paul, my middle boy, is so into the way he looks (at age 7). I know that I am going to have fun when he is in high school and into girls. So, as we were shopping all of a sudden he starts showing me what he likes and would like to purchase. I question his choice of a button down dress shirt but he insists he really wants it. After several minutes I realize what he is doing. Around the store they have large picture advertisements hanging from the ceiling and I see the exact outfit he has picked out. He is copying the Children's Place ads. Of course, I think he is absolutely adorable - here he is...

On the quilting front I am still working on the first stitchery block, as soon as I have it done I will post a picture.

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Emily R said...

2 words: stud muffin. he is so cute. i think it is funny that his prized outfit was the children's place ad one. makes sense. i would never be able to put something like that together.