Saturday, November 11, 2006

Time marches on...

I just need to get into a groove about this whole blogging thing. It has been quite awhile since I have posted. There is no reason really - I guess I have just spent time reading others and not writing in my own.

As I read others blogs I feel like they are just prolific quilters and here I sit not getting anything done. So, I have listed a few goals for November. I need to get a move on so that I can meet them. Today will be a great sewing day. As I type, I have some fabric in the washer dyeing for my backing on my Buttercream & Figs quilt. I don't know what ever possessed me to buy this fabric. It really is not my style. I love prim - but I just looked at it and thought tht it would make a great "Turning Twenty". "Turning Twenty" - not my style either - I guess I just got caught up in all the hoopla of it. Gads, I hope that never happens again! It has been over a year now since I started it and have decided to finally do something with it, hence, it is on my November Goal list.

Another one of my goals is to finish the first block in "Home Sweet Home". Yesterday I picked up the last of this block of the month - I suppose it is time that I start working on it now.

The other day I quilted my first quilt on my Gammill for a customer. I was frightened at first - you know, will I ruin their quilt, and all - but I made it and received my first check. Loved it! I really don't want to have to quilt a lot of quilts for others, but, I only have so many of my own to do and it helps to pay for the thread and other goodies.

Enough of my rambling.

p.s. the picture is a quilt I quilted for my SIL. The stars came from a swap she was in on Pat Sloan's Yahoo group.

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