Monday, September 18, 2006

Back to Blogging

Gee, my second time to post and it has been quite awhile since the first. I actually have an excuse - my DH was fed up with Comcast (now Time Warner) and cancelled, knowing that they were our only alternative to dial-up. But he could not bring himself to support a company with such poor customer service. So, we went to dial-up. It just wasn't worth the time for me to try and blog. In the mean time we found out we do have DSL as an option now - yee haw, I am back in business.

This summer my DH purchased a longarm machine for me. I have actually been somewhat afraid of using it - I guess I keep thinking that I might totally mess it up. Well, after practicing on muslin and getting completely bored with that, I finally decided to quilt up a top that had been waiting around. Here is a look at it. I used a simple pantograph called Loops and Stars. I have finished a second one (will show that another day) and am getting some other tops finished up and ready to quilt.

Free time is what I am really having a hard time coming by these days. I thought that once all my kids were in school I would have lots. But it just hasn't worked out that way for me at all. I am off to work on borders on some ufo's - then maybe I can have something quilted up by the weekend.

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